Rambus lighting tech illuminates Cooper’s new LED-based luminaire

This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014.

Eaton’s Cooper Lighting division recently introduced the Portfolio Surface-Mount, an LED-based luminaire that incorporates the company’s WaveStream™ planar light-guide technology.

As Maury Wright of LEDs Magazine explains, the fixture surface mounts to standard or high ceilings – including applications with little or no plenum place, in pendant and other configurations.

“Cooper [has] been proliferating WaveStream based on light-guide technology licensed from Rambus,” said Wright.


“The technology relies on LEDs to edge light the optical guide that embeds miniature beam-control elements that Cooper calls AccuAim optics. In simple terms, the planar guide produces uniform diffuse light with minimal glare.”

Indeed, WaveStream LED fixtures feature waveguides patterned with MicroLens® optics to deliver a precisely controlled light output. According to Wright, Cooper has used WaveStream in a number of ceiling troffer-style fixture, parking garage fixtures and downlights.

“Given the variety of WaveStream-based products, it comes as no surprise that the technology has come to a round solid-state lighting (SSL) flush-mount form factor,” says Wright. “The product mounts directly to a junction box. Cooper offers models ranging from 4500–9000 lm, 4000K–4000K CCT and 80 or 90 CRI.”

It should be noted that the Portfolio Surface-Mount also supports smart-lighting installations with a variety of control options. To be sure, the standard LED driver includes 0-10V dimming support and works with trailing-edge phase-cut dimmers such as those designed for electronic-low-voltage (ELV) products. Further, optional DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) can be added.

Interested in learning more? You can check out Cooper’s Portfolio Surface Mount LED Series here and the Rambus lighting portfolio here.