What is a Trusted Service Manager (TSM)?

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2013.

With mobile payments being discussed, trialed and implemented the world over, our upcoming series of explanatory blogs will shed light on a number of technologies and roles that are helping to shape this fledgling ecosystem.

What is a Trusted Service Manager?

A Trusted Service Manager (TSM) is a vital role in the near field communication (NFC) ecosystem. The convergence of multiple markets (payment, commerce, transit and access control, for example) into the mobile ecosystem is requiring collaboration and cooperation from players that have never worked together before. In essence, a TSM acts as a middle-man; coordinating the technical and business relationships of multiple stakeholders, including mobile network operators (MNOs) and service providers such as banks, ticketing agencies and other issuing authorities. TSMs allow these stakeholders and service providers to communicate with one another and arrange the delivery and management of applications and services on consumers’ mobile devices.

TSM Solution

Service providers can either outsource TSM services to a third party provider, or choose to take control of their business by insourcing a TSM solution to ensure that the company maintains its flexibility, can request competitive quotes for services (not just today but also in the future), and be more scalable to future market and regulatory demands. It also means more options such as the choice of MNO, as well as branding flexibility to meet different regional and end-user requirements.

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