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Rambus Bell ID Simplifies Tokenization Management for Banks

Single platform allows banks to integrate with multiple payment schemes quickly and easily, while enabling schemes to on-board banks rapidly ROTTERDAM, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to the increasing complexity and fragmentation of the near field communication (NFC) mobile payments ecosystem, Rambus Bell ID – part of the Rambus Security Division – has launched Token Gateway. Issuing […]

Microsoft catapults FPGAs to new heights

Karl Freund of Moore Insights and Strategy recently penned an article for Forbes about Microsoft’s extensive deployment of FPGA’s in the data center and beyond. As Freund notes, Microsoft currently uses field programmable gate arrays to accelerate its Bing search engine (Project Catapult) along with its Azure Cloud, which has at least one FPGA in […]

Double digit CAGR forecasted for mobile wallets

A new report published by Credence Research forecasts double digit CAGR for the global mobile wallet market from 2016-2023. “Mobile wallet technology is touted to be the next generation technology in the era of cashless transactions, replacing traditional plastic cards,” the researchers explained in a report summary.

Mirai botnet targets IoT devices

In late September, cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs’ website was overwhelmed by a massive DDoS attack that hit at a rate of 620Gbps, forcing Akamai to temporarily suspend service. In a blog post describing the cyber assault, Krebs said the attack had likely been conducted with the help of a botnet that enslaved a significant number […]

Video: Enabling augmented reality (AR) with lensless smart sensors

Rambus Lensless Smart Sensors (LSS) take a novel approach to sensing by combining ultra-small diffractive gratings with standard image sensors to deliver advanced capabilities in a form factor ideal for AR and VR devices. So, how does LSS work? Put simply, light passes through the diffractive grating and is intelligently spread onto the image sensor […]

Using your smartphone as a ticket in West Yorkshire

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is on track to kick off a trial run that will see a select group of train passengers use their smartphones as tickets. Rail services between Huddersfield and Leeds stations will participate in the trial, as both stations are equipped with ticket gates that support NFC technology.

Maximizing Von Neumann architecture

In 1945, mathematician and physicist John von Neumann described a design architecture for an electronic digital computer in the First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC. Also known as the Princeton architecture, the design included a processing unit with an arithmetic logic unit and processor registers; a control unit containing an instruction register and […]

Rethink Technology Research talks CryptoMedia

DishTV India recently selected Rambus’ CryptoMedia Security Platform for use in its Pay TV satellite system. Essentially, CryptoMedia ensures secure distribution of premium content for cable and satellite operators with a hardware root-of-trust embedded in the set-top-box (STB) chipset that is resistant to side-channel attacks.

Rambus inks license agreement with Xilinx

Rambus has signed a license agreement with Xilinx that covers Rambus’ patented memory controller, SerDes and security technologies. In addition, the two companies have agreed to evaluate potential collaboration on the use of Rambus’ CryptoManager platform, with Rambus also exploring the use of Xilinx FPGAs in its Smart Data Acceleration (SDA) research program.

Lensless sensors and smart cities: Here’s looking at you, looking at me, looking at you

Smart cities. The term is everywhere. Across technology media to every vertical from transport to engineering, everyone wants to talk about smart cities. And it’s not hard to see why. When you say the words, you can’t help but find the imagination go into overdrive, building and piecing together exciting scenes from every sci-fi film […]

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