Drs. Helena Handschuh and Thomas Vogelsang, authorities in security and memory, join the company’s prestigious Fellow program

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – March 14, 2017 Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) today announced it has appointed Drs. Helena Handschuh, a renowned cryptographer, and Thomas Vogelsang, a world recognized DRAM expert, to one of the company’s highest technical positions, Rambus Fellow.

Dr. Handschuh is a well-recognized expert in the security community for her contribution to cryptography, cryptanalysis and hardware security. She was a member of ETSI-SAGE Security Algorithms Group of Experts for more than 10 years where she provided expertise on side-channel analysis and also co-designed GSM, 3G and LTE cryptographic algorithms including MILENAGE, SNOW 3G and other algorithms deployed in over six billion SIM cards and mobile handsets today. Dr. Handschuh served as the Program Co-chair of CHES 2015 and recently served as the Program Chair of CT-RSA 2017, the cryptographer’s track at the RSA Conference. She has also held several appointed and elected offices at the International Association for Cryptographic Research (IACR).

Dr. Handschuh has been appointed to lead the Security Architecture and Advanced Technology team at Rambus, responsible for defining security architecture for existing and next-generation security technologies. She currently chairs the Security Working Group of the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) with over 250 members, has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers, and holds 10 patents. She received her Ph.D in Cryptography from Telecom ParisTech.

Dr. Vogelsang is a world-recognized DRAM expert and during the course of his career has made significant contributions to a wide range of technologies, specifically DRAM architecture and core design. He is a senior member of IEEE, has been a lecturer on DRAM at Stanford University, and served as part of the technical program committee for Digital Photography and Mobile Imaging.

As a technical director at Rambus, Dr. Vogelsang has been responsible for several projects and recognized for his work with low-power DRAM energy consumption based on a revolutionary power model he pioneered. This work was published in Micro 2010, a premier technical publication, and has been well accepted with the most citations of any paper published at Rambus. Dr. Vogelsang has also contributed to several new exploratory technologies for Rambus including advanced computational sensing and imaging technologiesVogelsang holds 55 patents and has authored or co-authored 21 papers at numerous prestigious technical conferences around the globe. He holds a Ph.D in Physics from Technical University Munich.

“Both Helena and Thomas have been instrumental in developing some of our most complex technologies for the company,” said Dr. Gary Bronner, vice president of Rambus Labs. “The Rambus Fellow program recognizes exceptional technical leadership and contribution to the company and community, which both Helena and Thomas have demonstrated. We’d like to congratulate them on this prestigious appointment and look forward to their future contributions and technical leadership.”

The Rambus Fellow program was developed in 2006 to recognize those individuals who provide the highest levels of technical leadership and strategic guidance for the company. There are currently five Rambus Fellows that develop and further the technical leadership for the company.