New product line integrates proven MicroLens® optics for superior efficiency and control of light 

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – May 3, 2017 – Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) today announced a new family of off-the-shelf optical light guides that are used to create ultra-thin LED edge-lit luminaires for a broad range of lighting applications. The new products deliver the performance and efficiency benefits of Rambus’ proven MicroLens technology, which have shipped in over 6 million light guides and used in fixtures around the world. The new LED light guides provide the time-to-market advantage of standard products.

“Rambus has a strong history partnering with our customers to produce light guides that have been designed and built to custom specifications for optimal quality and control of light,” said John Langevin, general manager of Lighting for Rambus. “With the addition of standard products, we are able to leverage our expertise and technology to provide fixture designers access to our MicroLens technology without any custom tooling or non-recurring engineering. This reduces development time and cost, and accelerates time to market.”

Standard LED Light Guides with MicroLens Optics

The LED light guides use MicroLens Optics with a constant density pattern that can be used in a variety of form factors and applications. They are particularly well suited for recessed and suspended luminaires in offices, schools, hospitals and high-bay buildings. The products are cost effective, energy efficient and provide greater control and directionality of light, allowing designers more time to spend on developing creative luminaires. The light guides are manufactured in our state-of-the-art, high-volume manufacturing facility in the United States.

The initial launch includes three product families with distinct optical patterns for varying aesthetic and functional requirements including:

  • The S-Series uses specular optics and offers maximum ray angle control and lowest glare.
  • The SD-Series provides good glare control and a wider downlight and uplight distribution.
  • The D-Series provides a uniform light distribution with a more diffuse appearance.

The light guides are available for immediate shipment in six standard sizes, with additional sizes available upon request.

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