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CryptoManager Security Platform

From chip management to device personalization, the CryptoManager security platform creates a trusted path for the SoC manufacturing supply chain.

CryptoManager ComponentsProduct BriefApplications
Root of TrustDownload Root of Trust Product BriefConnected Devices
InfrastructureDownload CryptoManager Infrastructure Product BriefConnected Devices
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Improve Profitability

Reduce NRE and operating costs

Improve time-to-market

Reduce inventory waste

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Superior Security

Provide a robust hardware root-of-trust

Protect valuable secret keys, identity credentials, and other sensitive data

Protect against reverse engineering and counterfeiting

Streamline Operations

Automate provisioning of keys

Enable common platform across product lines

Integrate easily into existing manufacturing flow

CryptoManager Security Platform

The demand for trusted applications on mobile and IoT devices is on the rise. As the amount of valuable data housed and communicated across mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to grow, the need for a robust hardware based security solution becomes increasingly important. However, establishing and maintaining trust across an increasingly fragmented ecosystem has proven to be a daunting task.

The CryptoManager platform includes a Root of Trust, which is a flexible root-of-trust implemented as hardware for secure provisioning, configuration, keying and authentication throughout the lifecycle of a device.

CryptoManager chip to cloud solution

Additionally, CryptoManager Infrastructure supports the Root of Trust, providing chipmakers and device OEMs, a scalable and flexible trust management solution.

By providing a secure foundation for device configuration and personalization, chipmakers have the flexibility needed for post-manufacturing inventory management and streamlining operations to improve overall profitability.

The CryptoManager Root of Trust

The CryptoManager Root of Trust

Built around a custom RISC-V CPU, the Rambus CryptoManager Root of Trust (CMRT) is at the forefront of a new category of programmable hardware-based security cores. Siloed from the primary processor, it is designed to securely run sensitive code, processes and algorithms. More specifically, the CMRT provides the primary processor with a full suite of security services, such as secure boot and runtime integrity, remote attestation and broad crypto acceleration for symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.
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Use Cases

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Large OEM customers requesting personalization, customer specific data preparation and feature customization of standard parts challenge the chipmakers ability to minimize inventory overhead and improve operating efficiencies.

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Secure Key Provisioning

With mobile devices housing more and more sensitive data that is utilized in a wide variety of applications, chip and device companies must meet the complex security requirements for each potential use case or capability.
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Debug Access Control

The CryptoManager solution provides a method for chip and device companies to authenticate the device and authorize the provisioning of the debug enable/disable operation for each device.

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