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CryptoMedia Content Security Platform

Designed to protect the delivery and storage high-value content, including 4K UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) programming, CryptoMedia Content Security Platform is a comprehensive suite of components that enables consumers to securely and easily access, stream, store, copy and share premium content across multiple devices.


Solution Overview

SolutionsSolution OverviewApplications
Player Core
Digital Entertainment, Media Storage/Ownership
Player Agent
Digital Entertainment, Media Storage/Ownership
DPA Resistant Solutions 
Digital Entertainment
Content Protection Core
Digital Entertainment, Broadcast & Streaming
Content Protection Services
Digital Entertainment, Broadcast & Streaming

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Superior Protection

Provides robust hardware root-of-trust for highest level of security and side channel attack resistance

Proven expertise and experience in secure key issuance and management

Supports MovieLabs ECP security requirements

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Reduces Cost

Embedded cores reduce cost by eliminating the need for a smart card

Enables in-field subscription and service upgrades with no change in hardware

Broad ecosystem compatibility enables greater diversity of partners in deploying solutions

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Improves time-to-market

Improves time-to-market with a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use components

Reduces development costs with integrated solutions

Simplifies certification with pre-validated IP

CryptoMedia Solutions

The CryptoMedia Security Platform provides comprehensive media protection solutions for storage, ownership, broadcast and streaming applications. Utilizing our expertise in embedded security systems hardware root of trust, side channel attack resistance, in-field key provisioning, and secure infrastructure, our suite of products enables dramatic cost savings, flexibility and ease of use while still providing robust security for protecting content. The CryptoMedia platform is designed to work with ecosystem partners, such as multimedia chipset manufacturers and DRM/CAS providers for flexibility in system design and implementation.

CryptoMedia broadcast and streaming

Designed to meet the growing demand for secure, low-cost Set Top Boxes (STBs), our CryptoMedia platform provides Operators robust protection combined with ability to save costs by replacing the smart card with a hardware root-of-trust embedded within the chipset. The platform is compatible with a variety of CAS and DRM providers to provide robust security against piracy while driving down design, operational and manufacturing costs.

  • The Content Protection Core provides operators an integrated cardless CAS solution with: improved hardware based security, side channel attack resistance, increased flexibility in system design and dramatically reduced costs in their Set Top Boxes (STBs)
  • Diverse Content Protection Services that improve the security, ease of use, cost savings, and time to market, including: secure headend key provisioning appliances, infield key updates and device configuration.

Key Issuance Center Diagram

The CryptoMedia Security Platform is a complete content storage solution and includes a hardware root-of-trust, player software and trusted key provisioning services to meet the growing demand for high-quality digital movie watching experiences of 4K Ultra-high Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. CryptoMedia solutions deliver a secure digital ownership experience for premium content across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartTVs and home storage devices.

  • The Player Core that provides protection for stored media while still providing ease of use for the consumer in accessing their content through VIDITY-compliant player devices;
  • The Player Agent that is available standalone or integrated with the Key Derivation Core for secure acquisition and playback of VIDITY content; and
  • The Key Issuance Center (KIC) that provides keys to player and storage device manufacturers, as well as content providers in the VIDITY ecosystem.
  • DPA Resistant Solutions, including cryptographic hardware cores and software libraries, that provide protection against side channel attacks

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