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Smart cities

Don’t Tread on Me: Smart Cities and Private Information

People are living in an age with an unprecedented level of access to all kinds of information. Users of social media and networks can contact their far away friends in real time, and have access to events right as they develop. Such technology was the stuff of dreams, only imagined in science fiction stories in the late 20th century. Yet, the unprecedented access to citizens’ private information is something only imagined in George Orwell’s 1984 as well.

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Root of Trust

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel: How Easy It Is to Build with RISC-V

The single software ecosystem built on the RISC-V standard allows for OEMs to bypass having to lock into a specific processer ecosystem. When an OEM chooses a particular processor type, it not only has to pay for that particular processor, but it has to continue to purchase from whichever company it purchased it processor from, leading to a market where profits are not driven by competition

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CPU Vulnerability
Provisioning & Key Management

A Foreshadowing of Another Exploit: The Appearance of the Foreshadow Attack

Dubbed “Foreshadow,” this speculative execution attack allows an attacker to steal sensitive information stored inside personal computers or third-party clouds. There are two versions: the original attack designed to extract data from  Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enclaves and a next-generation version that affects virtual machines (VM), hypervisors, operating system kernel memory, and System Management Mode (SMM) memory. SGX is a new feature in modern CPUs which allows computers to protect users’ data, even if the entire system falls under the attacker’s control.

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