ECEBS talks open standards and security

This entry was posted on Monday, June 6th, 2016.

Stephen McSpadden, Head of Solutions at Ecebs, now part of Rambus, recently spoke with Steve Atkins of ContactlessIntelligence about smart ticketing and open standards.

As McSpadden notes, Ecebs is a leading supplier of smart ticketing systems to the UK transport markets. The Scotland-based company, says McSpadden, has also developed software to meet the growing demand for cloud-based, secure ticketing schemes, which can open up lower cost smart ticketing to a wider market.

In addition to discussing Eceb’s portfolio, McSpadden commented on the security aspect of open standards for friction-free transport.

“At the end of the day, no one really cares about security until they lose something of value,” he explained. “Security is more than an algorithm. One needs to have a holistic view on the subject.”

In terms of standards adoption, McSpadden emphasized that it is critical for a new solution to pick up where its predecessor left off.

“Having a solution that integrates elements of previous [platforms] will help it gain traction,” he added.

Last, but certainly not least, McSpadden mentioned the company’s smartphone initiatives, which include a recent agreement with Penrillian to create a new mobile solution for the transport ticketing market.

As we’ve previously discussed on Rambus Press, Ecebs is currently Penrillian’s preferred Part 11 provider for its white-label Voyager app, which allows users to plan, purchase, download and top up tickets for public transport directly to a smartcard via their mobile device. It should be noted that Penrillian is the latest addition to Ecebs’ growing Paragon RTD (Remote Ticketing Download) Enabler program.

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