Rambus rolls out new version of DPA Workstation analysis platform

This entry was posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016.

Rambus’ Cryptography Research division has rolled out version 8 of its DPA Workstation (DPAWS) analysis platform. The latest iteration of DPAWS features an extensive upgrade to the workstation software and user interface (UI) for enhanced system performance and usability in ASIC and FPGA side-channel vulnerability testing.

According to Martin Scott, senior VP and GM of the Security Division at Rambus, DPAWS is designed to test and analyze hardware and software cryptographic implementations for vulnerabilities to power and electromagnetic side-channel attacks.

“DPAWS enables customers to quickly and easily identify and address potential security flaws in tamper-resistant systems and SoCs,” Scott explained. “In addition, customers can quickly and easily assess any vulnerabilities that an FPGA, ASIC, CPU or microcontroller may have to side-channel analysis.”

As the value of data continues to increase, says Scott, many players in the security industry are taking action to protect their devices from the threat of side-channel attacks. Indeed, as we’ve previously discussed on Rambus Press, DPA is a powerful tool attackers exploit to extract secret keys and compromise the security of tamper resistant devices.

To be sure, DPA is an extremely effective side-channel attack that uses variations in the electrical power consumption, or EM emissions, of targeted devices to breach security via statistical methods to derive secret keys from crypto algorithms. This is precisely why Rambus’ DPA Workstation 8 features an integrated suite of hardware and data visualization software, which aids in the identification and understanding of vulnerabilities in cryptographic chips.

As noted above, the latest iteration of the workstation features a new analysis application that includes:

  • A project library manager to aid in the rapid analysis of collected data by delivering an integrated view of multiple data sets, scripts and analyses.
  • An all-new powerful trace display with an intuitive interface for easy analysis.
  • Integrated scripting modules for MatLab and Python that facilitates more intuitive analysis and increased productivity.

To learn more about the DPA Workstation analysis platform and other DPA Countermeasure solutions, visit rambus.com/dpaworkstation.