Rambus CryptoFirewall secures Marvell’s 88PA810 Trusted Authentication IC

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015.

Marvell has confirmed that its second-gen 88PA810 Trusted Authentication IC integrates Rambus’ CryptoFirewall security core solution, along with anti-tampering and anti-reverse engineering technologies.

Designed for use in systems that require secure product authentication and usage tracking, the 88PA810 provides a proven and trusted offering to prevent counterfeit attacks. The 88PA810 also includes IoT smart device protection against external attacks that threaten vulnerable cloud-connected devices.


More specifically, Marvell’s 88PA810 security chip features advanced anti-tampering alarms and extensive circuit obfuscations with active metal mesh coverings, internal clocks and regulators. Meanwhile, additional security features prevent attackers from tampering and using physical attack methods to disrupt or copy the chip or its related consumer product.

To be sure, the inclusion of Rambus’ CryptoFirewall technology enables the IC to protect against over 40 attack threats while encrypting off-chip data communications. The 88PA810 also includes secure product authentication services utilizing a unique hardware ID, a secure usage metering count-down counter that cannot be reset and 3KB of one-time programmable (OTP) memory for OEMs to record product information and manufacturing metadata.

Using a traditional inter-integrated circuit (I²C) interface, the 88PA810 connects with a host controller to run authentication and product management services. In addition, the 88PA810 Consumable CryptoFirewall core interfaces with the Verifier CryptoFirewall (VCF) verification core in Marvell’s recently announced 88PA6270 quad-core ARM® Cortex-A53 printer controller SoC. This combined CCF-VCF hardware channel provides hardware-level device authentication to protect against software attacks on the host device.

The 88PA810 – which is currently sampling – also protects the entire supply chain via a multi-stage provisioning solution to eliminate potential risks from rogue elements.