WEBINAR: Host Card Emulation (HCE) – How to Take Direct Control of Mobile Payments

This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014.

Mobile payments are continuing to rise in popularity, but how can they achieve mass market deployment? In this webinar, Ian Hermon, Product Marketing Manager at Thales e-Security and I discuss Host Card Emulation (HCE): How to take direct control of mobile payments.

The traditional mobile near field communication (NFC) payment deployment model uses a chip-based secure application to interact with the NFC controller. This is based on the TSM infrastructure and, whilst the model is effective, the complex commercial relationships mean that it is difficult to achieve a widespread commercial deployment.

HCE addresses commercial realities as the mechanism in Android 4.4 allows the payment credentials to be moved to the cloud in order for contactless transactions to be processed remotely. In this webinar, we detail the technology behind HCE and how the model works to overcome obstacles – such as complex stakeholder relationships, availability of compatible handsets and cost to support physical secure elements – that have so far prevented the mass market deployment of mobile payments. Additionally, Ian and I discuss the various ways of implementing HCE technology to conduct NFC-based mobile payments: the pure cloud solution, the hybrid model and tokenization.

The webinar also addresses:

  • The business benefits of implementing HCE
  • Should issuer’s insource or outsource HCE?
  • How ready is the market for HCE?
  • The future of HCE – will having an EMV credential in the cloud impact various markets?

Host Card Emulation webinar 

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