LEDs Magazine focuses on Rambus’ MicroLens optics

LEDs Magazine editor in chief Maury Wright has penned an article about Rambus’ recent launch of its off-the-shelf LED light guides. As Wright notes, Rambus has been involved in the lighting industry for almost a decade, although the announcement [...]

Taking a closer look at Rambus’ MicroLens optics

The Rambus family of custom and standard light guides are designed and manufactured at our facilities near Cleveland, Ohio, where over 7 million light guides have been produced on custom-designed equipment and processes. At the [...]

Rambus launches off-the-shelf LED light guides

Rambus has launched a new family of off-the-shelf optical light guides that are used to create ultra-thin LED edge-lit luminaires for a broad range of lighting applications. According to John Langevin, general manager of Lighting for [...]