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Connected vehicles face cyber terrorism threat

A former head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently told the 2014 SAE Convergence conference in Detroit that automakers and federal regulators must address potential “acts of terrorism” using connected vehicles. Keep on reading: SAE level of automation in cars simply explained (+Image) “Strickland said the industry needs to be proactive rather than […]

Snowpiercer success highlights growing VOD market

Snowpiercer – directed by Bong Joon-ho – is a 2013 South Korean science fiction art-house action film based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. According to The Boston Globe, the film has made nearly $11 million on VOD, more than double its theatrical revenue. Garnering rave reviews, Snowpiercer ultimately became Radius TWC’s second-highest grossing […]

Understanding the IoT’s evolving requirements

A new report published by Beecham Research confirms that a successful attack against cyber-physical systems connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to cause significant damage to individuals, businesses and national critical infrastructure. “While we may have some visibility of potential attacks over a few months, we need to protect IoT devices […]

Cyber attacks to target connected vehicles

Writing for Forbes, Sarwant Singh warns that coordinated cyber attacks will likely be a major part of future conflicts. “As the number of people who have access to the Internet reaches 5 billion, the world will see a 20-fold increase in the number of hackers globally, causing an increase in cyber warfare,” Sing explained. “If […]

How sensors are making smart homes a reality

The falling cost of adding sensing and communications capabilities to consumer products means the typical family home could contain several hundred smart objects by 2022. According to Gartner, the smart home will be an area of “dramatic evolution” over the next decade, offering a plethora of innovative digital opportunities to businesses successfully adapting their respective […]

The Enigma-CryptoManager Connection

We’re on the 11th floor of a tall glass building overlooking San Francisco’s iconic Market Street. Clanging cable cars ply the bustling streets below as the fading rays of a softly setting sun reflect off a row of remarkably preserved cipher machines, including an Enigma. The early cryptography platform – invented by Arthur Scherbius at […]

Building a foundation for secure RPMs

Approximately 100 million wearable remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices will ship over the next 5 years. According to ABI Research, the RPM market has been boosted by increased interest and awareness about the benefits of supporting healthcare away from the hospital and into patients’ homes. As principal ABI analyst Jonathan Collins points out, RPMs offers […]

Securing and moving a dynamic IoT

Rambus Fellow and futurist Rich Page is perhaps best known as one of the leading engineering architects responsible for the development of early MacIntosh systems. Page was also a co-founder of NeXT Computers with Steve Jobs, where he led the design of the famed NeXT Cube, NeXTstation and Turbo NeXTstation. After NeXT, Page was president […]

Securing connected cars starts with the SoC

According to Gartner analyst Thilo Koslowski, one in five cars on the road will be categorized as “self-aware” by 2018. Ultimately, a system of sophisticated sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and computing power will lead to the design of intelligent cars capable of interacting with their owners, each-other and the larger Internet of Things (IoT). “In the […]

Smart sensors go lensless for the IoT

Over 30 billion devices will be wirelessly linked to the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. Consequently, new generations of connected objects – boasting rapid data collection abilities coupled with a more adaptive nature – are expected to hit the market over the next decade. Creating a new category of imagers and sensors […]

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