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DPA Countermeasure Validation Program

Designed to deliver consistent, high-quality results for the certification of cryptographic modules, our Differential Power Analysis (DPA) Countermeasure Validation Program is a comprehensive and rigorous security testing procedure that uses independent accredited testing labs.


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Our DPA Countermeasure Validation Program specifies procedures for independent testing of chipsets and system-on-chips (SoCs) to evaluate their resistance to DPA and related side-channel attacks. Designed to certify products that have been verified to contain suitable levels of DPA resistance and are properly licensed to use our DPA Countermeasures, this program helps chip purchasers and downstream customers identify licensed devices with the most robust and effective security against DPA attacks.

Independent testing labs that have demonstrated outstanding expertise in the area of side-channel analysis are accredited by our Cryptography Research division to perform DPA Countermeasure Validation Program testing. Confidential information relevant to the evaluation is shared only with the testing laboratory and detailed reporting of the results is provided only to the product vendor with the fees negotiated directly between the evaluation lab and SoC manufacturers.

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DPA Countermeasures


DPA Countermeasures are fundamental techniques for protecting against Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and related side-channel attacks. Consisting of a broad range of software, hardware, and protocol techniques, DPA Countermeasures include reducing leakage, introducing amplitude and temporal noise, balancing hardware and software, incorporating randomness, and implementing protocol level countermeasures.

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