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Secure Communication Toolkits

Secure communication is critical to protecting privacy and confidential data. It also provides sender authentication ensuring traffic is coming from a trusted peer, automatically discarding malicious data.

Rambus Secure Communication Toolkits meet the key negotiation requirements for all common security protocols. Each layer of the OSI model has its own protocol to deploy and optimize security for each deployment/use case. The MACsec toolkit offers a full featured, lightweight key agreement schema that is ideal for small CPUs in switches and other communication SoCs.

SolutionProduct BrochureDescription
MACsec ToolkitEnables developers to quickly add complete MACsec support in network devices. Includes full C source code implementation of the control plane, especially the MACsec Key Agreement (MKA) protocol
TLS ToolkitDownload the TLS Toolkit Product briefProvides easy portability of TLS protocol to any platform. Uses C language with minimal system dependencies
IPsec ToolkitDownload the TLS Toolkit Product briefProvides a complete software stack to build scalable IPsec VPN gateways and robust IPsec clients
VPN ClientProvides Android devices with a highly secure IPsec connection. Widely used by tier 1 customers to meet the demanding regulatory requirements