Rambus joins MPEG LA’s DisplayPort patent pool

This entry was posted on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015.

Rambus has confirmed its participation in MPEG LA’s DisplayPort patent pool, alongside founding licensors Hitachi Maxell, Philips, Sony and Lattice Semiconductor.

By joining the pool, Rambus will be making part of its R+ Serial Link innovations more readily available for use in televisions, monitors, cameras, graphics cards and other devices packing DisplayPort interfaces.


According to Stefan Tamme, VP of Worldwide Licensing and IP Strategy at Rambus, the company’s Serial Link technologies are developed with a system-oriented approach that simplifies integration and expedites time-to-market.

Designed to maximize interface speed in difficult system environments, the R+ Serial Link Interfaces enable differentiation while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.

“As a developer of market-leading technology, Rambus is proud to make our IP broadly available to the DisplayPort community,” said Tamme. “Joining the DisplayPort patent pool adds another way for customers to license our IP along with IP from the other licensors.”

DisplayPort is designed for high-performance digital display connectivity by facilitating high resolutions, fast refresh rates and deep color depths over standard cables.