Rambus HCE Smart Ticketing wins Juniper Research 2017 Future Digital Award

This entry was posted on Monday, September 11th, 2017.

Juniper Research has announced that Rambus’ HCE Ticket Wallet Service & HCE Ticketing App won the “best ticketing solution” category in its 2017 Future Digital Award for Commerce & Fintech. The Future Digital Awards are awarded to companies that Juniper believes have made significant progress within their sector during the previous year – and are now poised to make considerable market impact in the future.

“Rambus is delighted to be recognized for our innovative HCE based ticketing solution,” said Russell McCullagh, Managing Director of the Rambus Ticketing Group. “Winning the Future Digital Award for Best Ticketing Solution from Juniper Research is a powerful endorsement of this industry first solution.”

According to Dr. Windsor Holden, panel judge and Head of Forecasting & Consultancy at Juniper Research, the awards were decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of criteria including: product features and user benefits; innovation; commercial partnerships; commercial launches; certification & compliance and potential future business development.

 “The level of innovation with the entries across all categories continues to be remarkable, highlighting the transformative effect that digital commerce and fintech can have in both the consumer space and the enterprise environment,” Holden added.

A closer look at Rambus’ HCE Ticket Wallet Service

Rambus’ HCE Ticket Wallet Service provides access to a comprehensive ticketing solution that can be deployed with existing smart transport infrastructure. The Rambus HCE Ticket Wallet Service is designed to securely create, store and maintain a virtual ticket wallet on passenger smartphones.

Point of Service Terminals (POSTs) such as gates and bus Electronic Ticket Machines (ETMs) access the HCE Ticket Wallet as if it were a physical smart card. Put simply, the virtual HCE Ticket Wallet housed on an NFC-enabled smartphone is configured to behave exactly like a standard travel smart card. This allows passengers to conveniently wave or tap their mobile device against ticket machines and gates.

As previously noted, the HCE Ticket Wallet Service can be used with existing smart ticketing deployments and infrastructure. Indeed, our APIs are made available for third-party developers to facilitate the seamless integration of the Rambus HCE mobile ticketing solution with current or future products.

More about Rambus’ HCE Ticketing App

Designed to complement the above-mentioned Ticket Wallet Service, the Rambus HCE Ticketing App is available as a white label product and is configurable to support third-party branding. The app offers passengers a full mobile ticketing experience by providing payment, ticket fulfillment and self-service/ management features.

More specifically, it allows passengers to view the contents of their virtual smart card ticket wallet, add new tickets and load value for travel. In short, our HCE Ticketing App provides transport operators with a complete HCE mobile ticketing solution that enables passengers to access transport ticketing immediately, securely manage their own ticket and conveniently travel.

HCE: The future of smart ticketing & travel

As ridership significantly expands in major cities, the ability to securely deliver mobile ticketing services that meets passenger expectations for convenient travel has become increasingly important for transport operators. Consequently, numerous transport systems are steadily replacing paper tickets and tokens with smart cards and mobile services. HCE mobile apps that allow passengers to use their smartphones to conveniently access ticketing across multiple modes of transport and operators represent the future of smart travel.

For transport operators seeking to modernize their fare systems, the Rambus HCE ticketing solution offers the same ‘shopper friendly’ convenience consumers have come to expect from their smartphones in a transport environment by providing a secure digital travel wallet capable of storing multiple tickets. With our HCE ticketing solution, passengers are freed from queuing for tickets, looking after and managing physical cards or concerning themselves with having the correct change to travel.

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