Rambus showcases IoT security, mobile payments and smart ticketing @ MWCA 2017

This entry was posted on Monday, September 11th, 2017.

We will be showcasing our IoT security, mobile payment and smart ticketing solutions at Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA 2017) in San Francisco on September 12-14, 2017. Come visit us at stand N.319 in Moscone’s North Hall, where you can check out our CryptoManager IoT Device Management service, Unified Payment Platform and various smart ticketing solutions.

CryptoManager IoT Device Management service

Designed to help protect the Internet of Things (IoT), our CryptoManager IoT Device Management service provides a seamless solution for secure device–to-cloud connectivity. Running on a leading cloud platform, the demo showcases secure connectivity and security lifecycle management to help mitigate against a variety of attacks including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

In terms of specifics, the Rambus demo spotlights a smart city application and security-focused features that include mutual authentication and encrypted communication to protect IoT devices from exploitation by hackers in malicious botnets. The technology is also designed to help prevent IoT cloud services from being attacked by cloned devices.

Unified Payment Platform

Our Unified Payment Platform is a comprehensive solution for retailers, merchant acquirers and banks that delivers enhanced security, reduced cost and increased revenue. For retailers, the platform allows businesses to engage consumers with an immersive, in-app experience that starts when the shopper enters a store and continues well beyond the initial transaction.

For consumers, the Rambus Unified Payment Platform provides a convenient, ‘tap and go’ frictionless commerce experience that seamlessly integrates payments, gift cards, loyalty rewards and coupons, as well as digitized receipts and transaction history of purchases, in a single retail app.

You can experience the benefits of split payments, scan-and-go shopping and in-aisle checkout with our white-label app at Stand N.319 in Moscone’s North Hall.

Smart ticketing

With solutions from back-office software, to a secure digital ticket wallet service and a white-label ticketing app, our smart ticketing solutions are changing the way we get from point A to point B. Rambus will provide a glimpse into the future of ticketless transport, where smartphones and wearables will enable truly frictionless travel.

It should be noted that the Glasgow subway is set to initiate a pilot program for Rambus’ HCE ticketing solution later this year. The HCE mobile ticketing suite, which securely loads virtual smart cards onto smartphones, will be rolled out by Nevis Technologies, a joint venture company formed between SPT and Rambus. As part of the pilot program, Rambus is providing SPT with its HCE Ticket Wallet Service and a configurable HCE Ticketing App. The former securely provisions and manages a virtual smart card to store tickets on the phone, while the latter provides passengers with an intuitive interface to purchase, fulfill and manage tickets. The Ticket App also allows transport operators to collect valuable traveler data and analytics to optimize ticket offers, pricing, staffing and routes.