Rambus Cryptography Research division showcases security cores @ RSA 2015

This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015.

RSA 2015 kicked off this morning at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

We’re showcasing a wide range of advanced security core solutions at booth S1815, including DPA countermeasures, as well as CryptoFirewall anti-counterfeiting and content protection platforms.

Rambus Cryptography engineers are demonstrating side-channel vulnerabilities across multiple platforms – allowing RSA attendees to compare the leakage of unprotected standard AES implementation and DPA resistant AES cores.

Firstly, we’re demoing real-world leakage in standard AES implementation vs. DPA Resistant AES solutions on an FPGA. More specifically, we’re exploring leakage levels for sensitive values – computed over time – in protected versus unprotected HW implementations.

“The unprotected FPGA leaks sufficiently to indicate the device is vulnerable to loss of data in very few transactions,” Rambus security marketing manager Zainab Al-Shamma explained. “The protected example illustrates leakage levels do not grow over time, preventing side-channel attacks. A power signal is used in this example, providing a very clean signal.”

Our engineers are also conducting a mobile device side-channel attack demo, in which data dependent EM emissions are monitored from mobile devices to expose private keys. Specific techniques for isolating frequencies – including leaks during cryptographic processing – are evaluated and analyzed.

“These demonstrations on both public key (RSA) and symmetric key (AES) algorithms illustrate a very real risk to mobile applications and other cryptographic processing on unprotected platforms,” said Al-Shamma.

Revamped DPA Workstation (DPAWS) User-Interface:

This demo showcases our revamped DPAWS UX, which features a highly intuitive UI paired with enhanced data visualization. The latest iteration of the DPAWS GUI now offers an integrated, project-centric analytic environment specifically designed to optimize the efficiency of side-channel analysis.

Both flexible and scalable, DPAWS easily integrates with a wide range of industry tools such as Matlab, as well as Python and other scripting languages. The DPA Workstation supports full cipher coverage (AES, RSA, ECC, DES and SHA), large dataset handling along with high-speed collection and analysis of billions of traces.

“The Cryptography Research division of Rambus developed DPA countermeasures to facilitate the design of tamper-resistant devices that are shielded from all forms of side-channel attacks,” Al-Shamma added. “Our ready-to-use DPA resistant IP cores and software libraries offer chipmakers an easy-to-integrate security solution with built-in side-channel resistance for cryptographic functions across a plethora of connected devices.”

In addition to the above-mentioned DPA demos, Rambus is showcasing its CryptoFirewall anti-counterfeiting solution for printer cartridges, as well as the CryptoFirewall content protection platform using a trio of boards.

As we’ve previously discussed on Rambus Press, the CryptoFirewall content protection platform is an advanced hardware security core integrated in multimedia decoding chipsets. It provides a robust foundation for securely delivering premium content, including 4K UHD, to smart TVs and set-top boxes independent of CAS or DRM.

Interested in learning more about what Rambus is up to at RSA 2015? Be sure to stop by booth S1815 or follow us on Twitter for live show updates.